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Projecte: Me and my world

Projecte: Me and my world


In this project, pupils will work on developing a better understanding of themselves as well as those around them. They will awaken and consolidate their cultural awareness about their hometowns and countries. They will also try experimenting in the arts to trigger their creative side. They will acquire ICT skills too. Parents will get involved in making fairytale-related objects and preparing the play.

Subjects: Art, Primary School subjects
Languages: English

Pupil's age: 7-10

Tools to be used: E-mail, Other software (Powerpoint, video, pictures and drawings), Twinspace, Video conference, Web publishing

Aims: Get to know children from other countries; Learn about their own cultures and features of their hometown; Learn about cultures and features of other European countries; Develop technological skills; Be exposed to different languages; Use ICT effectively; Help pupils develop an understanding of nutrition and encourage them to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

Work process
  1. A flower bouquet. Let’s get to know each other. Creating pupils’ personal cards in the shape of a flower and after that preparing a class ‘bouquet’; taking class photos and creating a class collage.
  2. My school. Creating a slideshow consisting of photos/drawings. My dream school – a poster or a slideshow consisting of drawings/paintings.
  3. My town. Designing posters promoting hometowns, creating online jigsaw puzzles.
  4. My family. Family photos/drawings, family activities, integration events – a simple video; Videoconference with a pantomime game “Guess my parents’ jobs”; Creating family trees.
  5. My pet. Playing and making with modelling clay, creating riddles for partners.
  6. Healthy diet. Preparing healthy meals; creating posters with food pyramid.
  7. Free time activities. Our grandparents’ toys, creating simple puppets; Our hobbies (videoconference with a pantomime game “Guess my hobby”); Our favourite fairy tales (combining key words of favourite fairy tales and turning them into works of art; designing bookmarks for partners as a gift); Preparing a puppet theatre performance (pupils from other schools watch the plays and guess their titles/plots and draw/paint their favourite scenes.
Expected results:
Enhanced skills in ICT, foreign language communication, friendship, understanding, cultural awareness, photo galleries, slideshows, videos, drawings, posters, family trees, puppet theatre performances, bookmarks.
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